Measurement Technician

Job Role:

  • Testing and calibrating electronic flow meters in the field
  • Preparation and input of test reports each month on a timely basis into test management system
  • Responsible for maintaining all tools and equipment necessary to do the job
  • Witnessing field tests and calibrations of downstream pipelines
  • Gas sampling
  • Water density sampling
  • Regular calibrations and troubleshooting of wellhead MPFM meters
  • Investigating measurement variances, including interrogating flow computers and SCADA
  • Replacement of non-functional flow meters, pressure and temperature devices, and orifice plates
  • Perform maintenance and repair fittings
  • Remove fluid/hydrates/buildup/debris from measurement equipment
  • Assist Automation Technicians as necessary for equipment installations/modifications
  • Communicate with Lease Operators when testing/maintenance will occur


  • 3+ years of industry experience
  • 5 years or more of experience in similar roles within oil & gas industry highly valued
  • Gas measurement experience
  • Gas pipeline operations experience
  • Understanding of basic principles of gas measurement
  • Working knowledge of oil and gas production basics
  • Understanding of fundamental mathematics


  • Hourly position; 14-14 rotation; may have to respond to calls out of hours due to operational requirements
  • Work location: Field Office in Monahans and field locations near Barstow, TX

Qualified candidates may send resumes to: