About Us

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Point Energy Partners was founded in 2017 by industry leaders with extensive experience working in many major basins across the nation. We focus on acquiring and developing onshore U.S. properties in basins with stacked multiple oil and gas reservoirs. 

We are currently focused on the Delaware Basin where we have assembled approximately 20,000 operated acres and have an active drilling program. We have grown our operated production base from 500 BOE per day to 40,000 BOE per day. Point Energy owns and operates the majority of the gathering and midstream assets for its operations, including its very large water recycling program.

We work to assemble small acreage footprints in the heart of the Delaware Basin—a strategy that allows us to cultivate strong relationships with our mineral/royalty owners and service providers. This personalized approach results in high-quality operations that enable us to create exceptional value for our investors, mineral owners, and employees.

Point Energy Partners CEO, Bryan Moody, and CFO, John Sabia, are U.S. military veterans whose experiences in the military—and in the industry—helped shape their belief that it is critical to have onshore oil and gas production which lowers energy costs for all Americans, but also helps to provide the needed energy security for the American economy. As an organization, we value honesty, safety, and hard work above all else, which benefits our mineral owners and investors—and the entire nation